Nice to meet you! ︎
My name is Mitra Asghari, but my friends call me Mitzi. I’m a German-Iranian visual communication designer from Ravensburg, Germany.

Why do I do, what I do? Great question!
Visual design offers the opportunity to communicate messages and raise awareness. Whether it's about pointing out social injustices, drawing attention to global issues, or promoting societal values – working as a visual designer can have a major impact on our world and how we perceive it. Yes, I like to make things look pretty, but I think design is about more than that: to me it’s about solving problems and using my creative skills to contribute to a better world. Even if it’s just a little.

Ok, what else?
I enjoy creating intelligent, well-thought-out solutions, contributing to progress, teamwork, and believe in process above all else. I am also very passionate about music, human rights and cuddling with my cat.︎

You can find me on Instagram, Behance and LinkedIn

If you want to see/know more: feel free to contact me any time! Please do not hestitate to send me an E-mail if you’re interested in seeing my PDF-portfolio.

Guess I’ll see you around!